Thursday, January 14, 2016

The proof is in the.... meat bags.

I guess all posts can't be about fishing. Some just have to be for a good outdoors chuckle.
My 2015 hunting season wrapped up with one final adventure and a decent whitetail buck. It was a beautiful, cold, fabulously mountainous Montana day. Half a foot of frozen snow was on the ground. The predawn zero-degree landscape was fully moonlit.  My hunting bud and I saw six different moose that day and the deer kept the binos busy.
A pair of bull moose photographed through my scope
The temps barely made it to double digits. I'd passed on a lot of bucks as the season had progressed and was down to the final couple days to fill my tag or just start dreaming about big bucks in 2016. When this old warrior gave the opportunity at sunset I took it. I could see he was missing an entire tine on the right and later found that two others were broken. His burs were polished smooth. Must have been quite the fighter. And I can certainly attest that his manliness was persistent....

The meat bags had frozen after the pack out and were solid long before I got home. I just put them in the chest freezer to deal with later. I finished processing the meat after the new year holiday. Apparently when I washed the bags, some "proof of sex" was still tucked away in a fold somewhere and made it as far as the dryer, where it was discovered by my wife.  I was rolling! We both were honestly, although she maintained a "more disgusted than amused" front. And she's really enjoying giving me heck for it.  I suppose I'll need to wash those bags again....

2015 buck (photo by T. Copper)