Montana Fish Pics

October jig-eater

Arti-mouse brown

June 2017: 30-inch 3am mouse-eater

spring 2016

fall splendor 2016

Mousing in the night 2016

Mousing brown: best of 2016

Mouse eater

Another mouse-eater

First mousing brown of 2016

Lower Missouri jigged brown:  spring 2016

northern pike

gorgeous winter rainbow

Lower Missouri brown
Clark Fork
nighttime rainbow on a mouse

mouse-eating rainbow

small stream brown


Late night mousing

Moorish Mouse at night

dry fly sipper

Late winter brown on jig

incidental Swan River bull on Zig Jig

Missouri rainbow on single-hooked Rapala countdown

northern prairie brown on Rapala


Stillwater River

Night time rainbows on mice

tailwater rainbow

 northern 22-inch prairie brown on 1/16th ounce jig

southern prairie brown

southern prairie mature rainbow

southern prairie mature rainbow

Lower Yellowstone brown
Missouri rainbow on jig

central prairie jigged brown

single-hooked Rapala countdown

for another day

Tongue smallmouth

Missouri rainbow on 1/8th ounce jig

Swan River rainbow on Zig Jig

Love jiggin' the vertical walls

Early spring Madison brown on 1/4-ounce Kits Tackle Glass Minnow

north central pike

Upper Missouri walleye

winter rainbow

winter rainbow

got to love fall browns on plugs

Wintertime rainbows

night time autumn beast

always liked a hookjaw

high mountain cutthroat


Peck smallie

no leader? remove front hooks from a long plug

lonely prairie creek along Canadian border

Madison brown

Missouri brown

Missouri brown

Madison rainbow

big plug rainbow

rainbow on Zig Jig

small creek walleye

Tongue smallie
north-central Montana pike

drop shot brown

hooked up!

dry fly fun

Beartooth dry flies

Big Spring pluggin'

hot summer brown, vertical wall Missouri

rainy day browns

Zig Jig and rainbow

self portrait solitude


  1. Is that night fishing in bear country?Very few places in Montana do i feel safe from the bears if i am wading instead of floating froma a boat.Greta pictures,thanks.

  2. Depends on where I am - sometimes yes, sometimes no. Although I guess it's never really fully "no."